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Бывший спикер республиканской фракции Ньют Гингрич предлагает Меган Келли (бимбо) сравнить общественную опасность сексуальных фантазий Трампа с коррупцией Хиллари Клинтон, а в ответ на обвинение Трампа в том, что он сексуальный маньяк, предлагает ей назвать сексуальным маньяком Билла Клинтона.


Newt Gingrich UNLOADS On Megyn Kelly Over Donald Trump: ‘You Are Fascinated with Sex!’

Опубликовано: 25 окт. 2016 г.
Newt Gingrich faced off with Megyn Kelly tonight and completely lost it. Gingrich, who most frequently appears in Fox primetime with Sean Hannity, seemed to be very, very thrown by actually being challenged on Donald Trump being behind in the polls. Kelly very persistently pressed Gingrich on the fact that all the polls show Trump is behind. Gingrich pointed to certain states where Trump’s doing well and said the pollsters have an agenda.Kelly pointed out Fox’s polling has Trump behind too and said, “You tell me if that’s all made up.” Gingrich started to get a little snippy and said we all should just go home if she thinks the election’s over. He insisted that the odds “are pretty good” that Clinton doesn’t win. Kelly proceeded to explain to him why Trump is behind, citing that 2005 tape and Trump lashing out at pretty much every single woman who’s made allegations about him. Gingrich snapped, “I get it, I know where you’re coming from.” But it was when Kelly said people have a right to hear these allegations of Trump being a “sexual predator” that caused Gingrich to explode:
“I’m sick and tired of people like you using language that’s inflammatory that’s not true!… When you use the words, you took a position. And I think it’s very unfair of you to do that, Megyn!” Kelly calmly said, “Your defensiveness on this may speak volumes, sir.” They kept going, but Gingrich was so angry that he actually shouted, “You wanna go back through the tapes of your show recently? You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy! That’s what I get out of watching you tonight!” He even challenged her to say the phrase “Bill Clinton sexual predator” over and over. Kelly ended the segment by politely saying, “You can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them.” You absolutely must watch the video above, via Fox News.Newt Gingrich BLOWS UP On Megyn Kelly Over Donald Trump Sexual Predator Comment. On The "Kelly File" Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly get into a tense back and forth once the conversation turned to the women accusing Donald Trump Of Sexual Misconduct. Newt Gingrich wasn't having it and went off on Megyn Kelly. newt gingrich: "The three major networks spent 23 minutes attacking DJT that night [of leaked tape] & 57 seconds on Hillary Rodham Clinton's secret speeches." gingrich: "I don't take polls as seriously as people who've never run for office." newt gingrich: "[Republicans] are out-voting the Democrats in early voting." in states like florida.
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