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Коррупция на Западе

120 миллиардов? Буквально на днях RAND выпустил доклад (по заказу Европарламента кстати), в котором сделан вывод, что потери ВВП Европейского союза от коррупции могут составлять от € 179 млрд до € 990 млрд ежегодно.
Abstract Corruption is a phenomenon with significant negative consequences for the EU and its
Member States. This research paper uses a mix of methodologies to quantify the overall costs
of corruption in the EU in economic, social and political terms. The findings, based on new
analysis, suggest that corruption costs the EU between €179bn and €990bn in GDP terms on an
annual basis.
Current anti-corruption measures relevant to Member States and the EU as a whole are
described and their effectiveness in reducing the levels of, and opportunities for, corruption
are assessed. Eight potential areas for EU action are identified that might address the barriers
to the effectiveness of current measures. The costs of non-Europe are calculated in relation to
two of these, as well as in relation to the implementation of recently created
Tags: Мировой Гегемон, Эуропа, люди дела, общечеловеки
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